How to Install Smart IPTV (SIPTV) on FireStick & Android Box

How to install Smart IPTV on FireStick

Since we are going to sideload the Smart IPTV on FireStick, we must first enable the security option Apps from Unknown Sources in the FireStick settings. Follow the steps below:

1. You need to be on the home screen of FireStick

Select FIND


2. Now, click Search


3. In the Search window, search for the app called Downloader

This is the app through which we will sideload Smart IPTV on FireStick

Follow the instructions that appear on the screen and install this app


4. After installing the Downloader app, get back to the home screen and select Settings


5. Within Settings, go to the option My Fire TV and open it


6. Now, the next option you will access is Developer Options


7. On the window that opens next, go ahead and click on Install Unknown Apps

Note: If you still have the older version of the FireStick interface, click Apps from Unknown Sources


8. Turn the option ON for the Downloader app


9. You may now open the Downloader app

When you run it for the first time, some prompts will be displayed. Dismiss them by choosing the appropriate options

When the following screen of the app appears, click the textbox where it already has ‘http://’


10. Now, simply type in the following path/URL on this popup window with the onscreen keyboard:

11. Wait until the Smart IPTV APK is downloaded onto your FireStick device


12. Downloader app will automatically run the Smart IPTV APK for you

Go ahead and click Install


13. Let the Smart IPTV app install on FireStick

Takes a minute

14. When the app has been downloaded, the following window is displayed saying App installed

We will open and use the app in the next section. Let us click DONE and delete the Smart IPTV APK from the storage and save some space

Great! You now have the Smart IPTV app installed on Amazon FireStick.

You Can Use Our Own Android App, or any other IPTV App. Depening which App – We got different ways to login°
​Here is an easy to follow tutorial that will show you how to setup our Android App.
  • Our Own App – You need only to put your Username and Password
  • IPTV Smaters / Pro – You login with Username and Password & also the Host
  • IPTV Extreme – Either threw the Portal or threw Settings with m3u
  • Enjoy!
Smart IPTV
IPTV is supported with Smart IPTV. Samsung ; LG ; Sony ; Android
Here is an easy to follow tutorial that will show you how to use our service on Smart IPTV.
  • You need to go on
  • Copy the Mac Address which you get after the installation and is displayed on your TV
  • Copy the URL which you get from us. You find it in your EMail
  • Put both on verify that you are not a robot and click SEND
  • Enjoy!
You can use IPTV-Smarters-Pro with Windows. Please download the App from here and Install It. Run the App
  • You will asked to enter any Name- Just write any Name
  • Enter Username – Here you paste the Username you got from us. You find it in your EMail
  • Enter Password – Here you paste the Password you got from us. You find it in your EMail
  • Server URL :
  • Click on – ADD USER
  • Enjoy!
Access Kodi PVR IPTV Simple Client Settings
Starting at the Kodi home screen, just click on each of these items in the order provided to install free streaming IPTV channels.
  1. Add-ons
  2. My Add-ons
  3. PVR Clients
  4. PVR IPTV Simple Client
  5. Configure
Add Kodi IPTV PVR Plugin M3U Playlist URL
Now, you get to add an M3U playlist URL to add the free IPTV channels into Kodi.
  1. In General Settings, click M3U Playlist URL.
  2. Type the m3u URL  which you find in your EMail  then click OK.
  3. Click OK again to save Kodi settings.
  4. Back in PVR IPTV Simple Client, click Enable.
  5. A dialog will tell you how many IPTV channels were added with this Kodi M3U playlist URL.
IPTV is supported within STB Emulator.Step1
  • Our Portal is called
  • Enjoy!